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For Sale
Stal Kersten believes in producing top-of-the-line horses. We believe riding should be a pleasant and simple experience. Whether you are looking for a weekend pleasure horse or a serious competition horse, we promise to find you the horse that is most convenient for your needs. Although we train a lot jumping horses, we strongly believe in dressage work (flatwork). This is besides jumping our horses the main focus at Stal Kersten. All our jumping horses have a solid foundation in dressage, which only benefits their jumping experience.
Pieter creates an individual training plan for each horse that comes through Stal Kersten. No two horses are the same, each has a different build, shape, condition, needs and character. Therefore Stal Kersten trains every horse exclusively so that their specific qualities shine through.
Along with our training horses, we house numerous sale horses at Stal Kersten. However Stal Kersten also acts as a mediator for other horses. It all depends on the wishes of our client. We have many contacts throughout Holland and our neighboring countries. Therefore if we cannot provide the horse that is best suited for your needs from our own selection, we are able to branch out to various other stables to find your special horse.

Please feel free to browse through our current selection of sale horses and ponies on this website. However, please keep in mind this is only a small sample of our sale stock. For more information contact Pieter and Bernice Kersten, phone numbers located on the "contact" page.

Whatever your desires are, Stal Kersten promises to find you a horse that is a perfect match!


Jan Maly with Zorthago