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Besides the sport of jumping, Stal Kersten is also involved in breeding high quality show jumpers. Pieter has been for 10 years a member of the judging panel for the KWPN Dutch Warmbloods. With two other members, Pieter chooses the new stallions to carry on the KWPN line in show jumping. The majority of mares that Stal Kersten uses for breeding are retired sport horses who competed successfully at national and international levels.

Pieter strongly believes that the chance on a successful sport horse is bigger with a successful sport mare. Also the choice of which stallion to choose to breed a mare with plays a serious role in creating promising foals. As a judge for the KWPN stallion approvals, Pieter has a great deal of knowledge, which he uses to carefully select the best stallion for each of his mares. Stal Kersten likes to breed with proven stallions. These stallions would already have previous foals showing potential as they train through the levels in Holland.  Breeding with proven stallions helps to ensure a high quality foal. However it is not always possible to get a foal with perfect conformation and talent. Stal Kersten appreciates each foal for its own separate quality. Through breeding with our own mares, Stal Kersten finds certain similar traits in all our high quality foals, including a great deal of scope and a quick, tight reaction over jumps.

Pieter started his own breeding line from a single mare named Zieregonda. This fantastic mare was a daughter from the famous stallion Gondelier. She competed internationally with Pieter for many years. Thanks to her, Stal Kersten built up a line of successful horses, both in the sport and breeding. Out of her bloodline, seven horses shine through, competing in the national 1 metre 30s and higher. Zieregonda has bred such a fine line that even her foals have become eye-catchers at the international level.

•   The most famous daughter from Zieregonda is Esplana-de. This talented mare has competed internationally with top American rider Peter Wyle, claiming numerous prizes such as 7th place at the World Finals in Gotenburg. McLain Ward, another great American rider, now rides Elspanade.
•   Esplanade’s daughter Uriegonda is another extraordinary sport horse currently competing internationally. She attends all the high level shows with Mexican rider Jaime Azcarraga.
•   Unami is yet another example of Zieregonda’s excellent breeding. A student of Peter Wylde currently competes her in the 1 metre 40s. However before selling her, Pieter Kersten bred once from Unami, receiving the very talented gelding Agodinus. In December of 2009 Agodinus was one of the most expensive horses sold at the “Expo on Sale” Auction in Hengelo. The sponser of Ben Schroder now owns Agodenus and she with continue her training under the very accomplished hands of Ben Schroder.

Besides Zieregonda and her gifted daughters, Pieter also has two other mares that have proven to be successful breeding mares after competing internationally with Pieter himself.

•   Golden Lea II (Larome X Jasper X Minnerole)
•   Karafulya (Concorde X Gondelier X Millersgrey)

The above lineages are the foundation of our breeding business. Out of these three blood lines Stal Kersten have several young mares whom we plan to continue our prosperous lines.


Zieregonda (v. Gondelier)